Palace Garden in Schwarzburg

Palace Garden
View from the Palace Garden to the Emperor´s Hall building

On a long promontory overlooking the Schwarzatal valley rises Schwarzburg Palace, originally the seat of the counts, and later imperial princes, of Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt.

To the south of the palace, the Emperor’s Hall building was erected in the early 18th century as summer residence, with the so-called Emperor’s Hall on the upper storey and winter quarters for the orangerie plants on the ground floor.

In front of the building was a Baroque palace garden. The garden was converted into a landscape park in the 19th century, obliterating its regular forms.
Following further remodellings in the 20th century, both the landscape park and the 18th century layout were lost. Fortunately, an historic garden plan from 1744 existed, on the basis of which it was possible in 2000 to restore the fundamental structure of the Baroque garden. The main structural elements were taken up again, but using modern materials. The result was a regular garden with lawn parterres and a fountain. A newly planted “hall of trees” rounds out the ensemble. In the summer months, orangerie plants are set up on the square in front of the Emperor’s Hall building.


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