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In a picturesque setting on the banks of the Upper Saale River, Burgk Castle not only offers visitors a chance to relive history in the lavishly furnished domestic quarters of the former inhabitants and stately official rooms – it is also one of the cultural hubs of the Saale region with its collections and exhibitions of historic and contemporary art, its concerts and festivals.

Imposing Late Medieval fortifications surround a building that houses an array of treasures behind its unassuming facade. The harmony between architecture and landscape is fascinating.

From the commanding defensive fortifications of the Late Middle Ages to the elegant Late Baroque gardens of the Sophienpark, the history of art can be traced here as exemplified by the fortunes and vicissitudes of a small dynasty. The princes of the elder line of the House of Reuss used the complex primarily as hunting lodge and summer residence until 1945.

Since 1952 the architectural ensemble of Burgk Castle has served as a museum. In rooms that have in the meantime been lovingly restored and richly appointed, such as the Knights’ Hall, Castle Chapel, White Salon and State Bedroom, period furniture, glasses, paintings, tapestries, trophies, weapons and additional objects are displayed. The striking Knights’ Hall on the top floor of the residential quarters provides a sweeping expanse of space without any intervening columns or piers, as the wooden ceiling is suspended from the roof truss (an architectural rarity in Germany). The resulting excellent acoustics make the room a popular venue for concerts.

The Chapel with its Early Baroque ornament houses the castle’s most precious treasure: an organ installed by Gottfried Silbermann in 1742/43, one of the master’s smallest, but despite that fact also one of the very rare organs whose sound has remained virtually unchanged till today.

An unusual feature at the castle is the colossal kitchen chimney (21.5 m).

The museum boasts three special collections, all revolving around the book: the ex libris collection (approx. 80,000 bookplates), one of the largest of its kind in Europe that is publicly owned; the library of historical literature on the House of Reuss and their lands as well as art history books; and the collection of original contemporary artists’ books. Selections from these three collections are regularly presented in changing exhibitions.

Concerts, exhibitions, festivals, medieval castle spectacles, a Christmas market, weddings and much more today breathe new life into these historic walls and make every visit a memorable experience.

Opening hours

April to October
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10.00 – 17.00

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Saturday and Sunday
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Closed on 24, 25, 31 December,
open on all other holidays (including on Mondays).


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