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A hilltop overlooking the marketplace of the town of Sondershausen forms the setting for the residential palace of the counts and princes of Schwarzburg-Sondershausen.
Rulers of the northern Thuringian town of Sondershausen since the 14th century, the Schwarzburgs erected a Renaissance palace here in 1534, incorporating an existing medieval castle. In subsequent centuries the palace would be extended and remodelled several times.
As an architectural ensemble with stables and neighbouring octagonal building, Sondershausen Palace today bears eloquent witness to a long structural history reaching from the Renaissance to 19th-century Eclecticism.

Since 1952 the palace has housed one of the foremost museums in northern Thuringia. The treasures on view include the Golden Coach, one of the few remaining examples in Europe of the French style of gala carriage made in the early 18th century. It is on display in the palace carriage house pulled by six mock horses to help visitors appreciate the high rank it once conferred on the Schwarzburg princes.
Another attraction in the museum’s collection is an assortment of Abtsbessingen faience ware from the 18th century. The largest collection of this type in Germany features original tureens and jars in the shape of fruits and animals, pieces from prestigious sets of china, as well as examples of series production.

A small but high-calibre collection of musical instruments, including for example the signed Harras harpsichord, is part of an exhibition illustrating the long history of music-making in the residential seat of Sondershausen. Additional outstanding objects to be admired at the museum are the “Mappe Monde Nouvelle Papistique”, a satirical world map from 1562, and the “Püstrich”, a medieval bronze figure whose exact function is still the subject of conjecture today.
Bibliophilic rarities, such as the travel manuscript of the Baron of Mörsperg (1604) round out the wide-ranging offerings.


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